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Office System Integration (Coser 604)

General Description

This service is offered to districts that wish to implement and enhance office automation procedures within their administrative offices. An Office Integration Coordinator will provide technical expertise, software consultation, on site training and follow up support. The following software products will be supported by this service:

PC Applications

Microsoft Office Suite Adobe PageMaker  
Microsoft Publisher Microsoft FrontPage  Microsoft Windows OS
Adobe Photoshop Electronic Mail  

  Mac Applications

Microsoft Office Microsoft Publisher Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Works AppleWorks Adobe PageMaker
Electronic Mail Macintosh OS  

Eligibility and Prerequisites

The Office Automation service is available to all school districts or Board of Cooperative Educational Service sites in the service area.

Initial Implementation

1. The district requests the OI service from the Capital Region RIC in a commitment letter submitted to their local BOCES with a copy to the director of the Capital Region BOCES RIC.

2. A Coordinator from the Capital Region BOCES RIC will conduct a needs-assessment for the site and work with district personnel to develop an implementation plan.

3. Once an implementation plan is established, the Capital Region BOCES RIC will provide the site with a detailed cost proposal for any hardware/software, or documentation needed.

Ongoing Support

After initial implementation, training and support will be provided on an ongoing basis by the Capital Region RIC.

Service Costs

The annual cost for the Office Integration Service is based on a flat fee for 15 days and/or a daily rate, at the district's option.